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A dedicated mind in medicated state is a highly overrated fate. Twitter: @Cosmis

‘RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2’ Review: The Waste Land

Preface: I’d like to say here that if you found Rockstar’s business practices unsavory and have decided to boycott or otherwise ignore this game, I sympathize completely. I think that’s a fine reason to miss out on this thing. No piece of commercial art could possibly be important enough to ruin so many people’s mental wellbeing like that. I still think the end result of their efforts was worth it, even if a lot of the crew who worked on this game will never be compensated as such. Anyway, enjoy whatever your choice was.

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BETTER CALL SAUL: “Something Beautiful”

Character development is a tricky thing. Too much of it too quickly and your character comes off like a sociopath or a con artist, flying through life with no morals and no belief system. Too little of it, and you get the protagonist of every Showtime series not named Twin Peaks: a dull, meaningless character who never adapts to their surroundings and remains static and immutable.

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