In Theaters

A STAR IS BORN (Warner Bros)

Here’s your handy guide to what’s coming soon to a theater near you. It’s by no means an exhaustive list of “everything good”–this is simply what we’ve covered.


Mission: Impossible–Fallout: The latest Cruise Stuntspectacular is a smashing success by any measure. (David’s Review: 3.5/4)

BlacKkKlansman: Spike Lee comes roaring back with one of the defining films of 2018. (David’s Review: 3.5/4)

A Star Is Born: Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga deliver perhaps the definitive version of the decades-old story. (Sean’s Review: 4/4)

First Man: Damien Chazelle & Ryan Gosling reunite for one of the year’s best, both an inspiring biopic and exercise in claustrophobic, white-knuckle terror. (David’s Review: 4/4)




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