Why I Started This Blog

My name is David McGinnis, and I’m (now) a thirty-something media junkie. You probably know that already.

I studied film in high school and college, and love teaching impressionable young minds about it, but I probably spend an equal amount of time watching and reading about television. I would even join the chorus of people who say that in the past decade, television has come a long way to challenge film as the leading form of visual storytelling.

People always ask me “so, what’s good?” and then start to roll their eyes as I launch into a ten-minute treatise on the latest Awesome Thing That You Should Be Watching. My wife, ever-cognizant of couch time, told me “If you’re going to spend so much time ingesting all this, could you at least do something useful with it?”

I resisted the idea of a blog for a long time because I don’t feel like I’m a super-great writer. I read reviews and recaps from AV Club, Vulture, Grantland (RIP), etc.–guys like Matt Zoller Seitz, Alan Sepinwall, Alissa Wilkinson, and Drew McWeeny are kind of my heroes when it comes to media criticism. I can’t compare myself to them, because it’d be mortifying.

HOWEVER…If I approach this undertaking as something of a personal exercise, with an audience probably limited to immediate family and a few friends who will probably conveniently forget to visit within a week or two, it provides a creative outlet where I can broadcast my nerdiness in long-form to an empty room.

I plan to provide infrequent recaps and reviews of television shows and films, in addition to sharing about the things I already love and why I love them (Lord of the Rings, LOST, Spielberg, and Pixar for starters). If you’re the kind of person who trusts my opinion on such matters, you’ll hopefully get practical advice on what to watch tonight, or what to go see this weekend. I’ll provide commentary on the major award ceremonies, and help you win your Oscar pool. If I get REALLY inspired, I’ll write about music and gaming and whatever else tickles my fancy. What I’m saying is that this is a great experiment, and I have no idea what it’ll turn into.

And now, I’m fortunate to do it alongside some very dear friends. I may have put this team together a la Cobb in Inception, but all these guys are incredibly talented and passionate, and I couldn’t be more excited about the future. As “editor-in-chief,” my job is to help present their views to the world even if I don’t necessarily agree. But that’s part of the fun.

Thanks for coming along.

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