Up Past the Dawn

Meet Brian Schroeder, the newest addition to the FOTS team.

I’ve been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember.

Not just the films. Even though The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite movie. I read Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire some time in the mid 90s, I played LucasArts’ Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight in the late 90s, I bought several copies of the original trilogy on VHS. I count BioWare’s 2003 Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic as one of the seminal, canonical pop culture entities of my life to this point. I saw all three prequel films in theaters (and lost several years of my life to each experience), and I’m maybe the only person in the world who remembers Star Wars: Droidworks, a doofy learning game with a difficulty curve resembling a balloon flying around the room after you let the air out of it.

On the other hand, I came into my second foundational nerd fandom much later. I read The Hobbit plenty of times in my childhood, but I’d never actually plunged into Tolkien proper until I was in at least 7th or 8th grade, right after the first of Peter Jackson’s film adaptations was released. Fear not, I managed to read LOTR in its entirety before seeing any of the movies, so my Tolkien nerddom is safely untainted, or whatever. Similarly, they entranced me, and before I was in high school, I’d read the Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, and The Children of Hurin, which are all just the same book three times, really.

Anyways, at the risk of this turning into a list of things I like, here’s a list of some other things I like.

  • Loud rock music!
  • Quieter rock music!
  • Most other forms of music!
  • Video games!
  • Sports!
  • Comic books!
  • Comic book movies!
  • Comic book television shows!
  • Other movies!
  • Other television shows!
  • Reading classical poetry and literature!
  • My dog!
  • Your dog, probably!
  • Your cat, maybe!
  • Breathing!
  • Having arms!
  • Abruptly ending lists!

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