THE FLASH: “The Darkness and the Light”

Team Flash 1.0 is together again as The Flash sets a new status quo.

This episode is, in its own way, the exact opposite of last week’s.┬áSome would say it’s the reverse. Almost too fast for its own good. The show’s new status quo, with the Earth-2 Harrison Wells on board in place of Dr. Stein, is established with a remarkable swiftness and ease (you can tell how much this seems to unsettle Cisco, Caitlin, Barry, Joe and Iris, all of whom hate the original Wells/Thawne for their own reasons). Fittingly, Earth-2 Wells is much more confrontational than the original ever was (to put it mildly, he’s a dick), and while his intentions *seem* good, he doesn’t really get on with anyone at first. Especially Cisco. The episode gets good mileage out of Cisco’s distaste for Wells 2.0, and will likely continue to do so.

The episode’s villain, Dr. Light, is a sort of amalgamation of the two comic book versions of the character, further tied into the Flash-verse by being the meta-human Earth-2 counterpart of Linda Park. While this *does* fairly seamlessly integrate Malese Jow back into the cast, it feels a little inconsequential. Like pretty much every other Earth-2 metahuman (or “breacher,” as we’re apparently calling them now), Doctor Light is less important for the threat she poses to Barry than as a bonding experience with a new mentor. This week, it’s Wells and Jay, who have a bit of a history. Even trying to get all of this down is becoming a bit of a blur to me, such was the confusion in this episode. The show itself seems to recognize this, almost immediately ejecting Jay (since he can’t condone Barry’s coming war with Zoom), though as Barry says, “I have a feeling he’ll come back when he’s needed.” So…sweeps, then?

On the Barry front, he finally successfully asks out Patty Spivot, and they have a perfectly awkward date (marred a bit by Barry’s temporary blindness), and that’s it. It’s cute and ultimately meaningless, like most romance subplots on this show.

Perhaps the most important development tonight is Cisco fully embracing his meta-human abilities (with some prodding from Dr. Wells, fittingly shoving something into his chest). With a little help from his friends, Cisco reveals his powers, accepts the name Vibe, and proves instrumental in stopping Doctor Light. It’s remarkable how much this show has grown and changed in a little over a year’s time. Now we’ve got the original Team Flash back together again, but everyone’s a little different. Next week looks interesting. We’re one week into the great return of Tom Cavanagh. There’s still so much to do, so much to see (Grodd, maybe?)

Let’s get it done.

Episode Grade: B

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