THE FLASH: “Potential Energy”

Season 2 of the Flash returns!

Going to try a quicker format, since I want to recap Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow but don’t really want to spend so much time recapping. So here are the notes I wrote while watching:

  • Barry dreams about Zoom dropping Patty off a building. Ominous.
  • Cisco and Harry talk about a way to steal Zoom’s speed, aka a metahuman called “The Turtle,” who everyone but Barry has totally heard of before no we’re serious.
  • Barry tries to confront the Turtle, only to be slowed by his power (not stopped). Wells and Jay theorize that he can convert other people’s kinetic energy into potential energy.
  • Wally no-shows to a dinner Joe had planned. Afterwards, Iris convinces Barry to tell Patty that he’s the Flash (go Iris!)
  • When the team makes plans to confront Turtle that night, Barry makes plans to bring Patty along and tell her, which sounds like an amazingly terrible way to take Iris’s advice to heart.
  • As a well-dressed Team Flash moves into position at the art museum, Wells tells Cisco a story about how Zoom killed all but one of a police task force lured to the scene on Earth-2 several years ago, because Wells is a buzzkill. Cisco is not amused.
  • Literally as Barry is about to tell Patty his secret, he spies the Turtle, who take Patty’s gun and slows the room before shooting down a chandelier. Barry manages to fight through the field and save her, but the Turtle escapes.
  • Barry comes by to apologize for ditching Patty, and she gives him the generic “tell me why you’re being secretive or I’m leaving you” ultimatum.
  • Turns out Wally is a street racer for some reason. Joe and Iris confront him, and he tells them that he has to do it to help pay for his mother’s treatment. Please kill me.
  • Thankfully, the Turtle shows back up and kidnaps Patty.
  • “My wife left me.”- The Turtle. (No seriously, he’s insane. Which is fun. S2’s weekly villains haven’t been great.)
  • Team Flash discovers the Turtle’s lair, and Barry tries to intervene. When he is repulsed (with fists), he turns back (I’m guessing 5.3 miles back) and tries again.
  • This time, he manages to power through and save Patty, who thanks him despite “not knowing who he is.” Don’t do this shit again, show.
  • After depositing Turtle in the pipeline (we’re still doing this?), Caitlin confronts Jay about the illness that’s killing him, which is apparently a thing. He says that there is no cure, and that his only chance is to defeat Zoom and get his speed back.
  • Joe apologizes to Wally for trying to be his father too quickly. They…reconcile?
  • Barry attempts his own reconciliation with Patty, who reveals that she’s leaving for Midway City, where she was accepted to be a CSI. So…she leaves? Really rapid scenes here, and not in the good way.
  • We end with a Wells monologue, a message for his daughter about how he would do anything to anyone to get her back, laid over Wells slowly entering Turtle’s cell and extracting something from him, killing him instantly.
  • Then Eobard Thawne returns in the post-credits sequence, running down Barry’s street in the past with no idea where he is.

Well, alright. A pretty good episode that manages to reset the show to an extent. Patty is gone, Wells is firmly established as a villain, Joe is firmly stuck in B-plot territory with Wally, and Caitlin has to save Jay. Also Thawne is back. For once, this show’s plotting threatens to be *too* quick, but it’s a better fate than some of the slower episodes to start the season.

Episode Grade: B+

I don’t know if this format is easier to read, but it’s definitely easier for me to write, so I’ll try to stick with it for now.

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