We Gotta Stay Positive

Hi, I’m Tyler Remmert and I’m here to tell you why you should listen to my taste in music.

The idea of openly venting one’s opinions about a piece of culture that one had no hand in creating seems pretty funny, in retrospect to the last nearly ten years of my life writing music/movie/TV criticism. Which, I suppose, neatly sums up the movie Birdman without having to sit through two hours of fake tracking shot “symbolism” in which a guy eventually loses a nose to spite his face. It’s funny, maybe.

My name is Tyler Remmert. I have been a music writer for nearly ten years, starting out at emo/hardcore/Blink-182 fortress AbsolutePunk before moving on to smaller, more tightly run sites where was able to stretch my legs more (shout out to The Milk Carton and Pop’Stache).

In 2012 I directed and released a movie I wrote about my hometown music club, The White Rabbit (RIP) in San Antonio. The movie is called S/A/T/X, and it’s good, in spite of me.

When I was shooting that movie it occurred to me, and later came to pass, that some (or most, as the case eventually was) were not going to appreciate the movie, or The White Rabbit, in the way the movie or I intended. This made me frustrated, first at the viewer for not being able to see the vision, and second at myself, for not being talented enough to craft a universal narrative from something so personal. Nobody got it, and that was everybody’s fault including mine.

Art, however you want to define it, is judged by the place in one’s life when one encounters it. Regardless of how academically or dispassionately one looks at something like Star Wars, there’s still the human inadequacy of emotional reaction to R2-D2 slinking away in the desert, most likely to his doom. What that reaction is largely depends on your lot in life.

Which, of course, sort of invalidates criticism, doesn’t it? If my perception that Jurassic World was a joyless piece of schlock was coated in being a little to close to #PeakPratt, then who’s to say my opinion is more valid than yours, reader?

No one, really.

So instead of embarking on a critical journey, I’d rather just talk about the things I like that you might not be listening to. Think of me as a Curation Engine that doesn’t give a crap about your taste. I’m going to tell you about as many bands as I can that should be getting more of your brain space than whatever Kanye West is doing right now.

Because I really like music. I like the feeling of rolling down your window at a red light and screaming “IT’S STILL US AGAINST THEM” at the 80-year old Buick driver in the lane next to me. I like sitting on my floor and trying not to cry listening to Joanna Newsom, or Sigur Ros, or the Weakerthans (see, I zigged there). I like imagining the fade out of a movie to Magnolia Electric Company’s “Leave the City.”

So I’d like to tell you about some of the music that I’m currently enjoying. Maybe I’ll pop over to tell you how comic books are pretty much single-handedly ruining movies and offer my hot take about why there hasn’t been a show come close to The Americans since Breaking Bad ended.

But most of all I’d like to enjoy some music with you.

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