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David’s Top 10 Shows of 2013

It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time for lists! First, I reveal my favorite — not the best — series that I watched in 2013. Number one will not surprise you.

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What’s the new “Best Show On TV?”

With Breaking Bad coming to a triumphant close — depending on who you ask —  this past Sunday, it’s time to take immediate, knee-jerk stock of the television landscape and anoint a new MVP: Most Valuable Program.  Here are 25(!) series that are vying for the prize. Let’s choose one, shall we?

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Review: BROADCHURCH, Season 1

A great long-form murder mystery is hard to pull off in the 21st century, because audiences have gotten more cynical and are quicker at putting the pieces together. With entire message boards devoted to theories and speculation as a series like Broadchurch progresses, the “big reveal” at the end will always run the risk of underwhelming (if there even IS a reveal, as The Killing learned to its peril) — but Broadchurch skirts that issue, and does so brilliantly.

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